Why ZA Accident Protection?

Za Insure 保險

Prepare for the unforeseen consequences

Accidents cannot be predicted

but you can be prepared

Za Insure 保險

Accident hospitalization coverage

Private hospital can become a choice upon accidents

*Require selection of Accidental MediCare and is bound by policy provision

Za Insure 保險

Accident treatment coverage

Reimburse the expense of 4 types of treatments including physiotherapy and bone-setting due to accident

*Require selection of Accidental MediCash and is bound by policy provision

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As low as HK$250 per year

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with only a few clicks!

Za Insure 保險Za Insure 保險
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Benefit Term

Payment Frequency

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Optional Enhanced Benefit
Accidental MediCash
Accidental MediCare
Enhanced Dismemberment Benefit
Estimated Premium
HK$ --

* We will assess your occupation as part of our underwriting process, and we may be required to add loading premium based on the underwriting result.

Optional Enhanced Benefit
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Za Insure 保險Za Insure 保險