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ZA Life Protection

Annual premium can be as low as HK$32*
No underwriting needed to expand coverage with your major life milestones


Well-rounded coverage on medical cost
Claim simply online

ZA Cancer Protection

Wide cancer coverage
Waive all future premiums upon early stage cancer till age 85

ZA Accident Protection

Accidents can't be predicted but you can be prepared
Comprehensive accident protection
Freedom to build your personal coverage

ZA Heart Attack & Stroke Protection

Coverage for heart attack and stroke
Focused coverage not lumped with other illnesses

*Based on 18-year-old non-smoking female with HK$100,000 sum insured.
^Based on 18-year-old female
^^Based on the basic plan with HK$500,000 sum insured.

Complete application within minutes.

No medical checkup is required.


Online Application




Policy Confirmation


Online Payment

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Customer Service

Want to learn more? Call or WhatsApp

3665 3636

Inquiries are guaranteed to be answered within 2 working days.

ZA Insure is a fully digital insurer authorized by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority to conduct insurance business in Hong Kong and committed HK$1 billion in paid-up capital.

ZA Life Limited (with business name of ZA Insure) is a joint venture between ZhongAn Technologies International Group Limited and Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited

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