Why ZA Life Protection?

Za Insure 保險

Up to HK$10 million

Max sum insured of HK$10 million

No body check required

Za Insure 保險

As low as HK$32* per year

Affordable for everyone

Premium as low as HK$32* per year

*Based on 18-year-old non-smoking female with HK$100,000 sum insured

Za Insure 保險

Growing together

No underwriting to expand coverage for life milestones

(marriage, kids, property)

Premium Calculator

Free to quote!

As low as HK$32 per year

Know your premium

with only a few clicks!

Za Insure 保險Za Insure 保險
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* We will assess your health history as part of our underwriting process. History of HIV infection, severe heart disease or organ failure may warrant a decline. Examples of severe heart disease include angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack, congenital coronary artery abnormality, ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation; examples of organ failure include liver failure or renal failure

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Za Insure 保險Za Insure 保險